Medicare/Medicaid Issues

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I live in Nevada and there are no Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Centers here  that take my insurance.  I have a prior authorization to Mayo Clinic in AZ and hopefully UC Irvine Comprehensive Cancer Center. Mayo wont see me unless I have a biopsy showing cancer. These are for 2nd opinion.  I understand that if they have the same treatment in NV I will not be able to be treated at these.  


I was Stage IIIc colon cancer in 2007.  Now 2 PET Scans show recurrence and colonoscopy is clear which means it outside of the colon.  I don not want to have open surgery for a biopsy.  I want to be somewhere that gives treatment options prior to being opened up.  I have read about chemo options during surgery.  Any one have any suggestions.


I have been trying to get treatment since  February.  It is very difficult here.  No doctor knows what to do.  I am having consultation for another colonoscopy trying to be more aggressive and go deeper into the colon.


Does anyone have any suggestions for getting treatment at major cancer centers out of state.  


I am on the phone 4 to 5 hours a day trying to get treatment. 


Think of you all daily,