Surgery is Done!

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Partial open nephrectomy was completed early May and today starts week 3 of recovery.  I thought I was prepared for a big surgery but wow, I have never had such pain and discomfort in my life.  Of course part of that was coming home with a stent and catheter for two weeks due to a urine leak.  That was removed last week and all is well now.  The outcome of this surgery was probably the best I could have hoped for.  Removed a 6.5 cm mass from upper pole which was papillary renal cell carcinoma.  This was larger than expected.  Clean margins and tumor is limited to kidney.  Two smaller cysts removed from lower pole, not cancerous.  Following doctor’s orders with only walking for the next several weeks.  It will be a while before I can get back to the weights and cardio but that’s OK.  Fatigue is a problem but when I get tired I rest.  Still some pain on right side but much improved from a week ago.  I’ve yet to find a comfortable sleeping position though!  Thanks to you all for words of encouragement.  I’m still stumbling through this recovery and learning along the way.  Not exactly sure what’s coming next but hopefully it will be uneventful.


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    Each day-

    will be bettter than the day before with maybe a bad one in between






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    Nice! YOU DID IT! Congrats on getting through your neph - and congrats on the positive diagnosis.

    Here's to your continued healing! 


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    I had an open also and was

    I had an open also and was surprised at the amount of pain I had. Each week it gets better. It's been 3 years now and I feel great. Open surgery is much morE painful than lap. Good luck.

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    Good news on the results.

    Good news on the results.  Mine was a partial robotic, but I've had abdominal open surgeries and, yeah, not fun at all.  For the robotic, I decided to take a very gradual approach to weights and cardio.  The cardio started up after about three months.  Doc said two, but I decided to keep with the walking a little while longer and ensure I didn't do anything stupid (which I am won't to do).  I started the weights about a month later.

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    Congratulations, I had open

    Congratulations, I had open partial as well, walking really helped me and somehow seems to ease the pain and heal faster too. Take care!

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    Walk, walk, walk

    Hi Lou, Even getting into bed was tricky after open surgery. My wife solved it with a chair back to hold onto and a Playskool step. But sleep position definitely tricky. Wallking was key to my recovery, both physically and mentally. I was fortunate that it was May and beautiful weather and flowers. Hiking poles helped me - I used them even just going around the block, for balance, strength, and diffuse the pain. Lucky also to be able to take lots of naps. Hang in there. It's hard to see or feel the progress from the middle of it, but it is there and you will see and feel it as you look back. Take care ~

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    So glad the surgery went well

    And you have good results. Here's to fast whole recovery!