Elevated Tumor Markers and 10cm Cyst-- terrified

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Hi I'm 30 and in an ultrasound recently found a 10cm cyst.  Gyno immediately referred me to MRI, but then I found I have elevated tumor markers.  I'm not sure which, but it was more than one.  Everyone keeps telling me I will be ok, but I don't think multiple tumor markers can lie.  I am really scared.  I go for an MRI monday.  I am sick imagining the future.


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    Sorry to hear about this

    Sorry to hear about this Greenleaf. My thoughts and prayers are with you. 

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    Greenleaf, I am just a

    Greenleaf, I am just a visitor from the Uterine board.  While I am certainly praying it was "nothing" I do hope you found a supportive group who can help you through the journey.  It gets a little quiet on the Ovarian chat board, but there are wonderful other boards out there.  You are not alone - they are out there.