And it's back ...

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A recent scan was misread by local radiologists,  and what they deemed as free from cancer casually stored new lymph node involvement,  when reviewed by experts at my cancer center (Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC. )  surgery is no longer an option; chemo has had no effect.  We don't yet know where to turn. My Dr is doing research and will get back to me. Meanwhile,  I'm bummed.



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    I've no doubt that is an understatement, right now. 

    You have proved over many years, to be a fighter. It won't stop now, I am sure. 

    Thinking of you. 


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    All My Thoughts With You

    You are so strong and in all of this, and have been a great friend and guide from the moment I got on this board.

    All of my thoughts are with you and hope to hear good news on a plan for you soon.

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    so sorry

    So sorry to hear it has returned.  

    Prayers that your doctor finds something soon which will be effective for you.


    Marie who loves kitties

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    I'm sorry Alice, that's a

    I'm sorry Alice, that's a disturbing misread, I recall how frustrating all the ''it's negative, but...'' moments were to hear for me. That it would eventually be the worst, had me pretty fatalistic about the whole thing. You've been through these things before, and I know you'll carry on, but each setback still hurts. I hope they get a plan together quickly to get after it, and let you focus on that treatment...........................................Dave

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    I am sorry you had to hear this from the doctor. No one ever wants to hear. I think these words are worse than "you have cancer". 

    Take your time to get through it and I hope your doctors find something to help you. I will cross my fingers for you. 

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    You are in my prayers Alice. 

    You are in my prayers Alice. 

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    So sorry Alice.  Praying for you and your medical team.  I hate cancer!