Thank you!

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This post is simply to say "thank you" to all who participate in this forum.  I may not have commented much but I have read just about every single post.  I'm 2 years past treatment and doing ok.  Moved from FL to TX 4 months ago and having my first appointments with new doctors.  Nervous about all of that...hate switching doctors and hope these will be as good as my last ones.

Just wanted to let everyone kow how grateful I am to have had this site to go to especially in the early stages of my diagnosis and treatment.  It was a blessinng.  Such a scary time and so good to have a place to go to chat with others going through the same thing.  People who have not experienced this don't quite understand.  And, it's even harder discussing the type of cancer we have.  I've gotten better at telling others when they ask...not ashamed anymore.  It is what it is.  

I still have a bowel issues where I have to watch what I eat when away from the house.  Actually, I try to avoid eating anything when away from the house.  And, early morning appointments are difficult for me.  I make sure to wake up several hours before I need to leave so I can make sure I've had enough bathroom trips.  Most mornings it's about a half a dozen of them.  I still bring a bag with extra underwear, toilet paper, and seat cover, just in case for the car ride and even though I don't need it as often anymore, it's a comfort for me to know it's there.