Will Covid exposure cancel it ?

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So at church this morning we were informed there has been a covid outbreak at the church we don't know for sure my dad was exposed cause we don't know who has it for sure cause of privacy issues . But it is very possible dad was exposed has no symptoms and has been vaccinated for months but I am wondering if this will stop his biopsy ? Everytime we go to the doctors they ask if he has been exposed my step mom wants to lie but me and my dad say it's best to be honest . Was just wondering if anyone has had this situation with a scan or anything else and what happened if this situation happened to someone else . 


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    Be Up Front

    It's probably best to be up front because they might be doing a covid test anyway before this procedure.  If he has had his vaccine, he is more protected and you don't know if he was sitting next to the person that had it anyway.  Just be honest, and go from there.


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    My wife has had two surgeries during this Covid time and each was preceded by a covid test two days prior to surgery.

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    I always say "Aren't we all?"

    I always say "Aren't we all?"  when they ask.  I think a covid test before procedues test 2 days is new standard.

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    covid test

    I thought the same about the covid test but the biopsy is two days away and they haven't said anything about one so idk . 

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    Covid test

    My dad has to come earlier to the hospital to have an antigen test. If he is admitted, he will get both, Antigen and PCR. I would try to contact them or schedule a PCR test. I think if you say that he has been exposed but he got a negative PCR test that is quite recent I dont believe the doctors can say anything against.