Closing in on a year after surgery and my chronic cough is starting to come back...

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So I had a chronic cough for a fair amount of time.  Back around the time the Pandemic started my cough got way worse to the point I was coughing up blood every few hours for 6 weeks straight. While they never did figure out what was causing the cough I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and ended up having it removed late June. After surgery the cough that I had had for years at that point entirely went away so maybe I had cancer for longer then I realized. But then come mid January my cough has started to return. Would this be something I bring up to the endocrinologist when I have my next scan in about a month or is this something I would bring up to my family doctor? At first I wasn't concerned about it but it has progressively gotten worse over the last 4 months.


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    I'd reach out to both, just in case!

    I hope you are feeling better since April.

    Praying for your well being!