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    So this week my dad see's a ENT cause his last pet scan showed thickness at the base of the tongue and FDG uptake there also and it also said it's of uncertain malignant potiental which I took as a good thing . However someone told me that there is actually tumors that have uncertain malignant potiental in there name anyone know if thats true ? My dad has had a neurofibroma in his throat for years and we are worried it turned to cancer cause of his neurofibromatosis . So just trying to get some info about what this pet scan is really saying before we got to the ENT this week thanks for any help . 


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    Not sure

      I can't say I'm familiar with a lot of the terminology or even conditions outside of colon cancer or brain tumors but I would take it at face value what was said. Uncertain means uncertain. The ENT is going to run various tests on his head and neck to isolate what the cause of the thickening is. Try not to read too much into it deciphering names of things. It will drive you nuts. Just be there to help him through what ever it is.