Any more info out there ?

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Last pet scan showed my dad's neurofibrama in his throat had increased FDG Uptake and thickening at the base of the tongue . He's had the neurofibrama for 20 years but now I saw something in a different section about weed causing HPV related throat cancer . My dad has also smoked weed for basically his whole life so this has me very worried that does anyone have or know where there is more info out there about this ? I saw the pubmed study just curious if there is more info out there . Dad goes to ENT in a few weeks so want to have questions prepared for the visit thank you . 


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    I have no idea.  An update on

    I have no idea.  An update on my cousin who has had 2-3 precancerous white spots removed off his tongue caused from smoking most likely dr's say.

    Update us when you know more.