14 years since diagnosis

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14 years ago today I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer.  I've been through multiple (8) major surgeries (3 since July, 2020, alone!), systemic chemo:  intravenous, oral, and intraperitoneal. I had a temporary colostomy.  I've been through a lot. It's been a hell of a rollercoaster ride, but I'm still kicking and enjoying life.  And this after one of the drs I consulted with "gave me" a maximum of 5 years.

I didn't listen to him, and I'm still here, living my life, and not letting cancer rule me.

Bicycling season is here.  I'll be back in my kayak when our dock is put in for the season.  Meanwhile, I've spent the winter walking an hour a day on my treadmill.  I am also looking into getting an ebike so that I can keep up with my husband on longer rides.

My advice:





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    Wow! You go Alice! I'm

    Wow! You go Alice! I'm looking forward to kayaking this summer. I find out the results of my PET tomorrow. Anxious doesn't come close to describing how I feel. But I'm encouraged by your strength.


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    Are you on treatment or NED?

    Are you on treatment or NED? And glad you are enjoying life!

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    We're watching some spots.

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    You are one tough lady!!!

    You are one tough lady!!!

    I love the advice.

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    Your strength is amazing!

    Your strength is amazing! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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    I remember being 14

    Horrible age, but a great survival number. 

    You have definitely been through the mill and back again, and I really hope that its plain saling - or kyaking - from now on. 

    Continue with a Happy life! 

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    You Rock Alice

    You are amazing how much you are kicking a-- everyday.

    I love it.


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    Great news

    These stories are great to read. Thank you for sharing.

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    Congratulations.  Your experiences and perserverance are inspirational.

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    Hi Alice,


    Excellent advice!!  


    From, Alice (Yup we have the same first name)

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    You go alice

    You're an inspiration, and you cotinue to beat the statistics!