Living with one kidney



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    Joe66 said:

    I had a nephrectomy 53 years

    I had a nephrectomy 53 years ago and my other kidney is still going strong 

    Wow!!!! That is

    Wow!!!! That is insprirational!!  Thank you for sharing and I am so happy to hear you are doing well!

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    one more sole kidney story

    Hi tgpath, I was born with one kidney and did not even know it until way into my thirties. My lab numbers were always fine. Then five years ago, they found a tumor on my right kidney. That caused some panic. I had an open partial neprectomy and was really strict for a while with nutrition. As my labs stay stable and my nephrologist continues to calm and reassure me, I've loosened up some of my strict rules. Never anything as strict as in your first post. I still stay away from movie popcorn (make my own and season with non-salt stuff) and processed meats (no more salami, corned beef, hot dogs, alas), and I try to be moderate in all things. I do love red wine and chocolate (stub has seen me down a chocolate sundae...). So you are doing great with one healthy kidney - take it a step and a lab test at a time and you will find what works for you. Take care ~