Early stage Serous Endometrial Cancer article

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This topic is discussed a lot on the board.  I found this very recent article from the Mayo Clinic.   I cannot post a live link so maybe someone else can.   It confirms what we have discussed.



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    Thanks for sharing the

    Thanks for sharing the article Forherself.  I have never regretted my decision to have chemo and brachy therapy. I am 5+ years out from treatments and feel that I have done everything possible to avoid a recurrence. I was UPSC stage 1A. I'm thankful that my oncology gyn has expanded her practice to allow post 5 year patients to continue with her.  She told me at my 5 year checkup that while hitting the 5 year mark is a big deal, I'm not out of the woods. Just a reminder that we must continue to stay vigilant with our checkups.

    Everyone has to make the best decisions for themselves. And, the more information we can share, the better informed those decisions can be. :-)

    It does feel like uterine cancer is starting to get a bit more attention. I hope and pray for cures for our type of cancer and all others in the near future.

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    Thank you, Forherself.  Like

    Thank you, Forherself.  Like you Cindi, as hard as it all was, I don't regret the decision I made for myself and was lucky to be in the position I was. 


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    I had 1a UPSC/clear cell, in

    I had 1a UPSC/clear cell, in the fundus, with isolated tumor cells in one of the two sentinel nodes, and pushed to be reclassified as IIIc1 so that I would become eligible for the most aggressive treatment I could get, which was 6 rounds of carbo/taxol plus herceptin, followed by whole pelvic IMRT external beam radiation.  I don't know if it will have prevented a recurrence or not.  I'm about 2.5 yrs out from diagnosis, about 3.5 yrs out from the initial symptoms.  So far, no recurrence.

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    Just another piece of

    Just another piece of evidence that shows what a sneaky **** this USC is.  I am doing fine now, 2 years post treatment, but I am always aware that this monster can reappear at any time.