Treating squamous cell carcinoma on face

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Has anyone used fluoruracil cream for squamous cell carcinoma on the face( forehead)? How was your experience as far as pain, side effects and was there anything you used, did to help with side effects....creams, ice pack,etc. ?


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    It turned my skin red, then

    It turned my skin red, then black and was crusty. After I used it, no real permanent change. 

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    I have been getting the basal and squamous cell cancers on my face, neck and scalp treated since 2012. Procedures primarily consist of freezing the spots but on one occasion we tried the 5fu cream.

    Compared to the freezing treatment the cream was painless but the application lasted over several days and my face appeared as if I had fallen asleep in a tanning bed. More social inquiries (what happened to your face) with the cream than with the aerosol.

    However, the cream was not any more effective than the aerosol. My skin cancer has proven to be persistent. I have gotten frozen/burned/cut on average of three times a year since 2012. Even had to have a plastic surgeon cut out an invading basal cell carcinoma on my cheek and then do a skin graft to fill in the hole.


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    Any pictures of what this looks like?

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    Under the skin ..patches of precancerous from sun damage

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    Had a spot removed from my nose last year with skin graft from my neck. At the time the dermatologist prescribed the cream for my arms mostly because of sun damage. My arms got red and crusty as expected.

    Fast forward to this year, the same dermatologist recommended same drug on arms and ears. She suggested we wait to do the face until the fall to minimize sweating, etc. That made sense to me. My ears got red and crusty as expected, but arms were mostly unchanged. I was about to call when it dawned on me that I was putting on the goop, then putting on a long sleeve shirt and wiping it off. Doh!