Chemo late side effects


I had Testicular Cancer 10 years ago.  I had Chemo and have lived normal life since then.  My quesiton is I have noticed when I strart to get sick, such as a cold.  I now have sever aches, like after you workout lifting very heavy weights,  all over my body that I had never had before.  I also experience this when the weather changes from Cold to hot ect, I live in SC where that happens often.  I mostly just shrugged it off because it would go away but now when I start to catch a cold it gets worse than ever before.  Has anyone else expericed this?  Is it a side effect of the Chemo I had back 10 years ago?  I don't have health insurance so have not been to the Dr in about 4 years so can't ask them about it.  


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    Hi! Not sure I don't have any

    Hi! Not sure I don't have any specific feedback, but please don't let the lack of insurance stop you, there are programs in place in many medical locations to help patients without health insurance, I know because my dad didn't have health insurance and he needed cancer treatment and other treatments and it was hard but he got the treatment he needed!

    Praying for your well-being.