SquamousCell Carcinoma-preliminary diagnosis

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Hello there new here. So my husband Larry had a lump inside his throat between his right lymph node and saliva gland. They did a biopsy last week, and a couple days ago we were told he definitely has cancer. They believe it is squamous cell carcinoma of the throat, but that's only preliminary. He is going to get a PETSCAN I believe next week they want to determine where the cancer cells originated from they think it could be his throat or tonsils but they're not sure. Hope I'm seeing this correctly again we're kind of just processing all of this right now. Anyway please and thank you for any advice or comments on what to expect. We live in a small town in Wyoming and will probably have to go to Denver, CO quite often since that's the next biggest city.


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    You might want to visit the "Head and Neck Cancer" forum here. They are helpful and might be able to guide you better. 

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    my boyfriend of 21 years has scc he has been thro hell with this monster he has had his frist week of rad an this week he starts cisplatin witch is cemo he will have once a week on top of every day rad im praying for you an yours i can tell u you might be in for a long road hone

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    Very sorry to hear this. I highly recommend any of the National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. They are absolutely worth traveling to. Had I not done so, I would have died in 2009. Find the nearest center here: https://www.cancer.gov/research/infrastructure/cancer-centers/find

    Their advantage is that they employ the best and brigfhtest, have cutting edge treatment, and engage in research via clinical trials. Late last year, I was also diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) which we believe is confined to the skin. The lesion was excised and topical chemotherapy was employed. "If" I am in remission, this will be my 7th remission, as I have had two different T-Cell Lymphomas (one 3 times and one twice) as well as a pre-leukemic marrow cancer (MDS). All three simultaneously in 2015.

    Therefore, I strongly urge you to get to an NCI center.