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       So today we meant with genitics doctor and they let us know my dad's tumor did have a BRCA 2 gene mutation and no one told us . There running more tests on my dad to figure out exactly what it means but I am curious has anyone had experience with the gene mutation or know about it ? Does it make my dad harder to treat or cancer ? Does it meant my dad needs different chemo drugs ? Any info would be a huge help cause I am not finding alot online about it and the genitics doctor didn't explain it well . 


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    I Have Different One (HER2)

     EDIT:  I messed up.  Different mutatiation related often to breast cancer, leaving rest of information in case of any value/asking questions


    "Everyone has both BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Like the HER2 gene, they’re designed to repair cell damage and help restore normal, healthy breast cells. In some people, however, these genes stop performing properly. This increases the risk for breast cancer."


    The doctor told me it opens up new treatments down the road.  There seems to be some treatments that can work.  Right now for me it is down the road.  The plan is go with the main ones up front, then move on.  So it is going to generally be FOLFOX, FOLFORI then whatever is third, then next up