Naturopathic Doctors do what ?

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                So my dad and his oncologist still can't get on the same page about treatment or even if my dad still has cancer . Dad doesn't seem to want to change doctors seems to be pretty okay with the wait and watch it approach as you all can guess I'm not so okay with the wait and watch approach .Since it is not my choice however not much I can do on that front . I can though start looking at other options like naturopathic doctors but honestly I have no idea what they are. So hopefully someone can kind of explain there role in helping cancer patients what they can offer them and if anyone had success with them that would be awesome to . I just can't wait and do nothing knowing this option is just sitting there and my dad may be open to it  . 


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    A good ND and intergrative

    A good ND and intergrative oncs as well will help with keeping immune system strong, inflammation low and manage disease.  All the things reg oncs, ect do not do.  IMO they are valuable assets in disease mangement and preventive care.