Nervous about surgery

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and next Tuesday I will be having a double mastectomy . I still really struggling with the diagnosis . Not sleeping well at all. I have so many questions . Maybe you guys can help calm my nerves and give some advice.

 So here I go.....

How can I calm my nerves? I'm so scared for the surgery. Is it super painful?I have tried to prepare my home for the surgery but is there anything that will help?


Thank you for your help. ❤️



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    Hi Aryno,

    Hi Aryno,


    I'm sorry you are in this horrible situation. I was also diagnosed in January but am having chemo before surgery.


    So, I can't really help with the surgery advice as I don't have the experience yet. One this that helped me though with sleeping and generally coping was actually starting treatment. Maybe you will find that when you have the surgery there will be some relief that something has  been done?

    Sleep is really important for helping you cope though so it might be worth asking your doc for something to help you sleep.

    I'm sorry I don't have any real advice for you but wanted to say hi and that I understand how you are feeling. 



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    HI there .  I'm sorry you are

    HI there .  I'm sorry you are feeling so scared, I felt the same way !  

    I just had my mastectomy surgery on 12/4/20 and I wouldn't say it was super painful.  In my experience it was more widesoread numbness, but I also had lymph node dissection which caused a good part of the numbness .  For me the more discomfort was caused by the surgical drains which I had for a couple weeks .  

    The most helpful things I had at home were a specific belt for holding the surgical drains ....extra pillows; wedge and U shaped body pillow for propped up sleeping .

    Best wishes for you !!! 

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    You'll do fine....

    I had a bi-lateral masectomy May of 2020. I was scared to death going in that morning. Due to Covid I had to go alone. While getting prepped for surgery my doctor told me that they do these surgeries every single day. More than one a day so I had nothing to worry about. Right then it seemed a weight was lifted off of me and I was kindof ok with going into the operating room. I came out all wrapped up and didn't have much pain. They sent me home with a pain pump and believe it or not 500 mg Tylenol. It was hard showering with my drains in but my sister fixed me up with a fanny pack to put them in. I slept or laid around for a week or so but the pain wasnt at all what I was expecting. I thought it would be horrible. It wasn't, I have had menstrual cramps that hurt worse than coming out of surgery. A week and a half later I was mowing the grass with a push mower....dont tell my doc tho. Anyway, try to meditate and clear your mind. Stressing about it will only raise your blood pressure and tense you up. I'm the biggest coward when it comes to even getting a shot so believe me.....if I got thru it you're gonna do fine. Best of luck to you and prays for a speedy recovery.