Breast cancer scare?

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Hello, all! I am a 27 year old Canadian male with a looong history of hypochondria and cancer scares (Thank you, Internet!)

A few days ago, on Wednesday, I started feeling a little bit of wetness around my right nipple, on my shirt (No visible wet marks, but definitely a slight feeling of dampness or coldness), and brushed it off as maybe my nipple being overstimulated by being brushed up against by my shirt, or maybe I got some water on it beforehand, and didn't pay too much mind to it.

Thursday, it happened again, at around the same time, and this time, I started to get a little curious. I lifted my shirt up to check my nipple - did not see any signs of drainage or discharge, likely it dried up by the time i noticed. I felt my nipple and I noticed a smooth, hard lump somewhere under my nipple, between the areola and the nipple itself. This got me scared and, unsureo f what to do, I sort of obsessedo ver it for a while, started looking online and found that I might have breast cancer (Even though this is very rare in men).

That night, I couldn't sleep, so I did probably the dumbest thing I could imagine. I started squeezing the breast until I felt some watery, runny fluid come out of only one duct (a montgomery gland (It was dark, and I only had the light from my iPad to illuminate it, so I originally assumed it was clear, which... sent my anxiety into overdrive. Scared out of my mind, I started squeezing the lump itself, and letting more and more fluid drain out of my nipple, until, eventually... The lump disappeared and the fluid stopped draining out of my nipple. Now that gland sort of sticks out a little - but that was of no concern to me - I was forcing the fluid out, so I accepted it was a self-inflicted thing. After that, I did not have any more spontanious drainage until the next day, at around 3:40 PM, again, very light discharge. I took that time to feel around, and I could not feel any lump, but I did manage to squeeze some fluid out (which I can confirm was very straw-yellow or a very light-green tinge. It's at this point I was able to convince my parents to get me a doctor's appointment to alliviate my fears and find peace of mind.

If I were to guess, this lump was merely a cyst, as a tumor would not have disappeared from squeezing, and I took solace in that, but now that I'm going to schedule my doctor's appointment, I realize just how much I screwed up by squeezing the lump to oblivion, which now means that, even if drainage continues, I've probably made it VERY hard to diagnose what this lump was through a mammogram and a ultrasound, and aside from the drainages, I have not found any other signs of breast cancer - no pitting, no changes in skin tone, no lumps in or around the lymph nodes.

So I turn to you, cancer survivors, for peace of mind, and the fact that my doctor might not be able to find anything now that I've stupidly messed with a lump and made it disappear through squeezing and forcing the fluid out of my gland. So, what do you guys think? Is it even possible to squeeze a tumor out of existance through force?

EDIT: Today, there was no spontanious drainage, and only a little bit of green-tinted fluid when I squeezed lightly. No lump. Starting to wonderi f the 'drainage' i was feeling was simply just brief cold sensations, since my bedroom is very cold, and I'm all bundled up in warmer clothing today. Still nervous about whether there's still going to be a lump on mammogram or something, since I can't feel the lump anymore, physically.


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    I gave my breast another little squeeze tonight - and there was no more discharge! I'd like to say maybe I had just solved my own issue, but I'm still going to get my breast looked at in a mammogram/ultrasound, just in case it's not what it seems - but these signs seem VERY promising! Very much so!

    As an afterthought, I do remember slamming my fist against my breast while doing some acting and singing a few weeks ago - and while I don't have evident bruising, perhaps it's possible I brused the fat in my breast, and by squeezing it, I had eliminated the fat injury, and forced the oil out of the areola?