Pancreas CT scan question

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i read a previous threat where someone was asking whether anyone who has been diagnosed had a clear CT scan. I can relate.. somewhat.

My dad has been complaining of excessive burping. It is extreme! We're not sure what's causing it, althoguh he has multiple offenders (hiatus hernia, gastritis, gallstones... all of which are being consistently noted in chest CT scans for years now). The burping started about 3 months now, is increasing in intensity. Sometimes he just gets gassy and uncomfortable. But no other symptoms other than that (normal bowel movemens, no blood, no diabetes, no yellow skin). He also has hives from time to time. 

I pushed him to visit a GI doctor for a colonscopy (he had one 3 years ago) thinking maybe they missed something. But his GI doctor dismissed colon cancer. 


Instead he DRILLED US on pancreatic cancer. I wasn't even really thinking about it until now. My uncle died from it. The GI doctor is an intense guy so I'm not sure if he was primed to think about it knowing genetics/reading my dad's history or whether burping is really THAT associated.  So while I appreciate his thoroughness, i am now worried.


Thankfully, i reminded him that my dad has a PET scan from 2.5 years ago, and have a 3 months old chest CT scan (my dad does these routine testing after being treated for head and neck cancer). Oddly enough, he looked at the chest CT and said that it had captured "most" of the pancreas. After reading the full scan, he said it's not likely to be related to pancreatic cancer. He specifically said "i don't see anything exciting there" and told my dad to change his diet and to do celiac test and H pylori test..!



The conversation took a complete 180. It was so weird. i'm not sure what to make of it. I hope that capturing "most of it" on the CT is reliable.