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Any thoughts on new research on cystitis and blood in urine, made worse by any type of exercise. Had imrt prostate radiation a year ago, did hyperbaric oxygen without fixing hematuria and going on 6 months.  Urologist says to giv more time but want to keep exploring as I am missing exercise and want to see of other things if it doesn't get better or gets worse


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    Hematuria Can Recur

    I've had at least 3 bouts of Hematuria after my first radiation therapy, each one, more than one year apart.  Yes, it is a stunner when you unexpectedly pee bright red urine, with small scabs also coming out at the end of the flow.  I know it stunned me terribly.  I consulted with my Urological Surgeon, and he performed a cystoscopy after each one.  Each time, he found the source of the blood in my bladder, and it was an open inflammation in the bladder wall, and he attributed to the radiation therapy.  After the third bout, he performed a biopsy of the area, and the results came back negative.

    I, as a lay person, would recommend that you consult your medical professional when these bouts occur, and follow their advice.  But, in most cases, it appears to be benign, except for the shock of seeing it.

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    For what it's worth...
    Hi Golfer,
    I had an instance of hematuria about a year after my IMRT treatments ended. That was a real shocker. Went on for a couple of days.
    I was taking aspirin on a regular basis at the time and my wife suggested I stop with the aspirin, which I did. The hematuria disappeared at that point.
    My urologist didn't seem to think aspirin was the culprit, but offered up no suggestions as to what was the culprit. I've restarted the aspirin since and have had no recurrences of visible blood in my urine. There is usually a minor amount of occult blood that shows up when I give a urine sample, and this has been true since I was first diagnosed with PCa 12 years ago. My urologist has looked, but hasn't seen any cause for the occult blood - he's very thorough so I trust his opinion.
    Not sure my input will be of any help, but here's hoping your issue can somehow resolve as easily my mine. I've not sure the aspirin had any effect, but you never know.
    Best of luck,
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    Thanks for comments. still not able to exercise as this makes bleeding worse.  Having urodynamics test and a second cystoscopy in April.   Like everyone in the prostate cancer not so exclusive club, we keep fighting the fight. Welcome any other comments of cystitis patients and those with neurogenic bladders. Thanks