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Guys, let me ask you something, With the current advance technologies, does an ablation of a small exophytic renal mass (2 - 4 cm) in a healthy patience have good a prognosis as a partial nephrectomy? I'm talking about oncologic outcomes (reocurrence, survivel rate, etc.)

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    No right or wrong answer

    When In had mine 18 and 1/2 years ago  neither of these procedures was available. Get a second opinion if you are uncomfortable with either   choice.





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    Apples and oranges. Some of

    Apples and oranges. Some of the literature suggested cryoablation and partial nephrectomy have similar oncological outcomes... some of the literature suggests robotic partial nephrectomy as the best technology for cancer control superior to cryoablation. I would get several physican opinions and do my own readings. I tried to have ablation but went with surgical removal in the end as the surgeon I had available in my area was more qualified than the doctor available for ablations. I do know for sure that cryoablation has superior cancer control over radio frequency ablation (RFA) and the journals all say that. What is your age, it might be beneficial to do robotic surgery if you are younger and better to do an ablation if you are 70 or 80 years old

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    Five years ago, when I had my

    Five years ago, when I had my lesion removed (1.7cm), the statistics I got from my urologic oncologist was that the robotic partial, for my size, was essentially curative with better than a 99% rate of success.  Ablation (cryo, in my case as that's what Stanford Hospital performs) was said to have a 95% success rate.  My doctor (who is not a surgeon) recommended the surgery because of the higher success rate and because, unlike ablation, where the cancer cells are destroyed, the surgery removes the lesion or tumor in such a way that it can go through pathology to determine the specific form of RCC you are dealing with, which allows the docs to determine the path forward for length and type of surveillance scans.

    Here's a short discussion from John's Hopkins regarding ablation.  I believe it's pretty current.


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    I've just received this

    've just received this article talking about Ablation x PN, interesting


    Actually, I'm still on AS for 3 years due to a indeterminated small renal "mass" (aroung 1.5 - 1.7cm), high suspect of possible renal lobulation. CT wasn't conclusive and I'm under AS by US Doppler. The problem is that, in case of a cancer, I hate surgery and anesthesia. I think is because I'm a guy with TOC and like to have control of everything, that's the fight againsty own mind


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