Possible Kidney Cancer or UTUC in Kidney, Newly Diagnosed

Good Morning All, 

I've been reading you all for quite a while, well, since december to be exact lol.  I went into the emergency room for diverticulitis, when a CT scan found a 4cm mass in my right kidney.  I scheduled an appt. with a urologist/surgeon for Jan 27th and in the meantime saw my oncologist (thyroid cancer survivor(2014) plus i have some issues with my blood(polycythemia) and she sent me for a PT scan.  PT scan confirmed that it was cancer(kidney mass lit up like an xmas tree) but showed no metastasis anywhere else in my body(yay) not even lymph nodes.  Anyway, all this time I'm thinking kidney cancer, great.. I lose part or all my kidney and then I'm done.  Well, met with surgeon and the first thing he says is " your CT scan is really interesting" to which I replied, "Uh oh!" He said that the tumor on ct scan looks very much like kidney cancer(shape, etc.) however, because of its location, he thinks there is a possibility that it is UTUC(it's located in the midpole of my right kidney with some displacement of the collection unit) All this to say that now I am really scared and nervous.  UTUC is much rarer and has a highter likelyhood of recurrance. I am scheduled to a ureterscopy and biopsy on Feb 11th. I am a nervous wreck! so much so that my oncologist has put me on Lexapro to deal with the anxiety as this whole situation has worsened my anxiety. All this on top of dealing with my husband's Stage IIIB rectal cancer (diagnosed in July of 2020) has sort of sent me on a bit of a tailspin.  This discussion board has been a God send to me and I wanted to tell you all how happy I am that I have found it.  Sorry about creeping on you guys for so long without introducing myself.  BTW, I am a 51 year old femaile and Yes, my name is Joshua  LOL Kiss


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    Your reactions are perfectally normal for someone told they probably have Kidney Cancer and they want to yank it out. Sounds like my reaction in the Spring of 2002.  Also joined the Prostate club in 2019.

    May any surgery be uneventful.




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    welcome Joshua-

    Sorry you had to join us, but very glad the forum has helped you and glad that you've introduced yourself. 

    We got through it, so we know you're gonna do great. Good luck this week. We're here for you!


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    Thank you.

    Thank you Icemantoo and Eug91. It's nice to know that I have people to talk to, who are or have gone through the the same thing I am going through. 

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    Yes I had the same issues 6 years ago you dealing with unknown the more you know what you dealing with the more you are in control of your anxieties, my advice stay away from google, take it easy cancer it's not any more death sentences I had my surgery 6 years ago am still very much alive

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    Had my ureteroscopy today.all

    Had my ureteroscopy today.all went well.Now to way for results of biopsy. Thank you max57

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    Hi Joshua

    Welcome and sorry for the reason you're here. May you have patience and peace as you wait for results. The waiting is the hardest part to quote Tom Petty. Hang in there we're here for you.

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    Met with my surgeon and it is

    Met with my surgeon and it is definitely kidney cancer not upper tract urethelial cancer. Surgery scheduled for February 25th. Thank you all for your support. Search instead he will attempt a partial nephrectomy but there is still a chance I might end up with a radical nephrectomy. Will keep you posted

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    One advantage of a total

    One advantage of a total nephrectomy is that the recovery can be easier than from a partial. I had a total laparoscopic nephrectomy when I was 68 and went home the next day. Good luck!