Why can't chemo cure cancer without surgery?

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I am not a surgical candidate, so it makes me so sad that chemo alone can't get us to NED. 

I believe that one day it will be possible, and I am hopeful it will come in time for me.

But it just makes me so sad that they always say you can't be "cured" without surgery.

I am mostly positive, but I just found out my friend who has been battling lung cancer that has spread, has had a bad turn, and given up treatment, and now is in hospice. So I am in a bit of a sadness today.


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    It is terrible, the murky

    It is terrible, the murky world of cancer.  I am so sorry you are going to lose a good friend.  Its a different kind of loss for sure like losing a comrad in wartime.

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    Dear Abita

    I am sorry to hear about your friend, and I hurt for you.  One of my best friend's husband passed from CRC. he was diagnosed after me and it sure made me feel guilty that I was surviving and he was gone.  It hurts, and we have to flow with that. 

    Thinking of you, and saying a prayer for your friend. 


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    It's so hard knowing that aside from a liver trasplant there is nothing more than chemo and immunotherapy for my Jim. He has been off of both for a while now so I am frantic about more spread. He had a bowel obstruction and emergency surgery. The Colorectal Surgeon did attempt to resect his tumor first but it was covered with lots of scar tissue and deep. The removal would have made him stay off of his regime for several more months so they left it in. He is having a hell of a time adjusting to the colostomy. Really doesn't want anything to do with it. I keep reminding him, if the liver gets under control he can be replumbed...It's not helping him accept it. 

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    Learned about that recently

    I cant remember the video source but I know it was a reliable scientific source and essentially it just explained that because of the nature of solid tumors, chemo cant truely destroy them. Yet for cancers in the blood chemo can be curative. Odd. BUT I know of a couple of people who say it seems like the chemo did kill their tumors, like they had a liver met, did chemo, went in for surgery and the surgeon was like "where is the tumor that was here before?". 

    Anyway, I do hope for more advancements with treatments, it does seem possible given how far things have come already. Im sorry for your friend. I hope you feel better soon. 

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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend as it just shows how vulnerable we are.  Wishing your friend a peaceful transition to a place without pain.  You have great strength and attitude, so please keep that.  There are always new treatments coming out, so hopefully you will qualify for one of those and then become a surgical candidate.  Please don't give up hope.