Blood Tests during Active Surveillance

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Hi everyone, My mother just had her 2 year ultrasound follow up. Her solid kidney lesion was 1.3 cm compared to 1.1 cm two years ago.

She has significant flank pain every once in a while.  Is this common with such a small lesion? She does have 3-4 other simple cysts across the two kidneys. All under 2 cm.

She also is tired a lot and is taking iron for her low ferritin and hemoglobin levels.

She has an appointment with the Doctor in a couple od days. Also I was wondering if other doctors take blood tests as part of AS?


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    I had active surveillance for

    I had active surveillance for about 2-1/2 years with scans/chest x-ray every six months.  The scans alternated between ultrasound and CT to minimize radiation exposure.  The surveillance did not include blood tests, though I also continued to see my primary care physician for annual physicals during this time and those included blood and urine tests.

    As for flank pain, I did not experience any during my surveillance period.  For reference, my lesion was initially estimated at around 1.6cm.  I had surveillance for 2-1/2 years.  When an ultrasound showed growth to 1.8cm, surgery was arranged to get it out (robotic partial).

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    Hi Bobbie

    I didn't have active surveillance before I found out about kidney cancer but for my follow up survelliance my urologist told me that blood work is not suoer useful to spot kidney cancer. Not sure why.

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    My tumor was over 3cm but I

    My tumor was over 3cm but I didn't experience any pain, I recalled my surgeon told me a small tumor (< 4cm) usually will not cause any symptoms. Interestingly, I do experience flank pain that comes and goes when my follow-up scan is coming (every single time). My doctor said it is likely the stress and anxiety.

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    The doctor said everything

    The doctor said everything looks good and that the flank pain was probably unrelated.

    Thanks all for the valuable input.Smile

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    Maybe it also depends on what

    Maybe it also depends on what part of the kidney the tumor is on. Mine was 7 cm and I never had any pain.