HER II positive and chemo

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    HER II positive and chemo

    I am newly diagnosed with breat cancer.  I amd grad 3 non hormona but HER II positive, stage II.  I am supposed to begin chemo next week along with targeting drugs for the HER II.  My question is if I get a masectomy wont that eliminat the need for chemo?


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    chemo first

    Howdy ldp,   I had stage 3 HER2+ with mets to lymph nodes. This type of cancer is very agressive and grows rapidly.  The purpose of chemo first is to obliderate the abnormal cells from growing or spreading.  When I had another MRI post chemo (which was extended due to covid before m y surgery last May 2020), there was no trace of the 3 tumors.  This order of treatment has shown improvement in survival rates. There is a higher risk or reoccurance of this type of cancer as well.