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Has anyone noticed a change in behaviour from their dogs and cats whilst you were ill? I know its a fact that certain dogs can, or can be trained to smell cancer! Thats a bit weird....personally I'd prefer a human medical diagnosis. 

Anyhow, I've got 2 cats and the one, Max has definatly been paying more attention to me since I was diagnosed. Now, Max, is a very bad kitty. He's young about 1 yr 2 months, and is always in trouble for something.... but he gets away with it as hes such a lover boy and a snuggler. No doubt though, every time I hit the sack at night or go to take a wore out tired nap, Max is there, strangely snuggling at my neck.  


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    German Shorthair

    I have a 5 year old german shorthair that is very active.  When I came home to recover from surgury she would lay beside my recliner (normally she would jump on me with a ball).  When I got home from chemo and radiation (I did it in another city so I was gone for a while) she could smell something had happened in my mouth.  She sniffs my mouth constantly and tries licking me.  She still does this so I tell my wife I must still have radation and or sores in me that are healing becuase I know 100% she can tell I'm not yet myself.  Man, I love pets!

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    I live with one cat, so you

    I live with one cat, so you can imagine we're very close. She's been taking care of me a lot, these last weeks. Always checking after me, giving me instant comfort. Yes, I think she knows I'm going through hard times.

    Of course, she's also very happy about the fact that I'm home all day, spending a lot of time napping.

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    My pitbull boxer knew I wasn't okay

    My first cancer was 2009, since then I have been diagnosed 5 more times. Tobey knew each time. He was so, so, so gentle. He would lay his big ole head on my lap and look sorrowfully at me. What a love!