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Hello. I have been diagnosed with cancer in my neck. I haven't started treatments yet, probably 1 more week. Chemo and Radiation. I will be needing to use a PEG tube. I am interested in finding out if any one else is/has made their own food mixture. I am going to be mixing my own food and looking to get some input. Thanks.


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    I lived on Jevity during tx 11+ years ago, and now have been for the past 17+ months, rather than try to make my own stuff. One has to be careful not to get tube clogged, and i've read the biggest hazard to being FT-dependent is infection- so make sure whatever you mix and use to mix is super clean. I figured the Jevity was the way to go because of the fiber in it, and knowing exactly how many calories I'm getting: 355 for Jevity 1.5 and 530 for Boost VHC/8 oz. carton. You can search back- remember others talking about recipes they used with a blender and water.