Gift Idea for spouse ?

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I am fighting my way through recovery and feel like I am tending positive now (I still have a ways to go Understandably), but my wife has been a dream. She has taken care of our home, 3 kids (running them to activities and keeing them out of Dad's hair when I'm irritable) and I'd like to do something for her.  Have any of you done something that went over well?  We plan on doing a family trip to AZ for Easter but I'd like to do something specifically for my wife.

General ideas so far:

1.  Send her and her close girlfriends to massage/pedicure/lunch/drinks as a surprise?

2. Couples weekend away (Vegas, NY, etc..) We live in North Dakota so getting away is always nice.

3.  Hire a house cleaner for a session or something?

Of course my wife is amazing and thinks every spouse would take Such great care of their partner to this degree but I know that isn't the case...I just want her to know what it has meant for me that she has allowed me to only focus on healing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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    I vote for a girls day! 

    I vote for a girls day!  Lunch, spa time, even just uninterrupted friend time! 

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    I grew up in S.D. and have spent a lot of time (couple years) working on projects in Grand Forks, ND. (I live in Idaho, now - but I haven't forgotten those Dakota Winters!)

    With that said - a trip for both of you to a warmer place would be my vote!!...

    (Of course I have discovered that (amazingly enough) women usually give the best advice, when it comes to women ... who would have suspected, right? So - debbie is probably the voice of reason, here!...)


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    Good topic. Spa day by a mile

    Good topic. Spa day by a mile. Whilst she has been the Queen of taking care of you, I bet she'd love a day off of it! Anyhow, never mind what all the guys say on this attention to what the ladies say! 

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    I might be in the minority here!! But as the wife, my vote would be the weekend away! ( as long as it’s safe for you with Covid and a lowered immune system from treatment). I remember feeling like I just wanted “normalcy “ after going through the weeks and weeks between diagnosis and end of treatment. To have a nice relaxing weekend together, that doesnt involve needing to think about radiation treatment the following Monday probably would be wonderful! You both could rest, because you could probably use some relaxation also! During treatment, it sometimes seems like that’s all that gets talked about (treatment),  so I say get a change of scenery together, and talk about fun, future plans! She sounds like a wonderful caregiver!! She would probably rather spend quality time with you than anything else!!

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    Thanks.  I reached out to her

    Thanks.  I reached out to her close friends and they are taking her to a nice lunch Wednesday to get started and they will see how comfortable she is doing a longer evening with them for dinner/wine this weekend.  Her friends told me they have asked her to go but she is reluctant to leave me just in case I need something, even for a couple hours.  I just want her to forget about me for a couple hours to recharge her batteries.

    Yes, I have an amaing wife.  I've known it since the moment I met her and she's only gotten better.  I good caregiver really helps!

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    A bit of a distraction and

    A bit of a distraction and unfortunatly not useful here, but 10 yrs ago when wife went through the breast cancer battle, some awesome soul gave her name to a particular breast cancer charity group. Anyhow, what they do is, when treatment is all done, they send you off for an all expenses paid freebie vacation. We had 5 nights at an all inclusive in Cancun, everything paid for including flights and $200 in spending cash to boot. Just what was needed after a long tough fight when the body, the mind and the wallet are all stressed. We've donated back to the group over the years....gotta pay it forward when you can!

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    I vote #2! A Romantic time

    I vote #2! A Romantic time together. :)

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    My girlfriend was an incredible asset through the whole Cancer/Recovery process. We live in Idaho, but I've been working on a construction site in Oregon for 11 months. 

    I promised her a trip to her hometown in Santa Cruz CA, way back when I finished treatment, 18 months ago. I will be finally keeping that promise in the next couple weeks!!

    Your posting here is excellent; the people who help us get through this, are definitely the most important factor in successful treatment and recovery!!