Two failed Biopsies?

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I've been sick 10 mo. With sore throat and irritared breathing. I'll spare you the long version and just say I get low grade fevers, night sweats, and have lost close to 30# (20 in 6 weeks then started eating a lot of high calorie to maintain).  I have had every test under the sun it seems and seen many cites because they are all so specialized none can figure out.  Everything is the right side (except the throat pain and breathing irritation at my thyroid of course). my troubles ax totally atarted two years ago with severe TMJ on the right side where the MRI says there is cystic changes to the right condylar head and loss of hypointense signal. My ENT said it was a disk issue and it wasn't til I read the report off my portal I saw the disk is positioned normally but these other findings. I have right vocal cord paralysis and a tumor that started in my neck as a swollen gland but now has moved up to surround my ear and my lobe is puffy and ear numb. I get shooting pains down my face. In investigating all this they found a TR3 thyroid nodule. It's solid and hyperechoic according to the initial ultrasound. another H&N specialist biopsied it and said it was in the back and near the nerve for the vocal cords... the biopsy of 6 FNA contained no cells.  So I went back last week and had the Radiologist (physician assistant) redo the FNA .  The radiologist stepped in to help him find it because he was having trouble because it's to the back and he said isoechoic and blends in easily. The radiologist mentioned to him that it was calcified.  Four needles this time. Alot more bruising on my neck and it oddly increased the pain in my face, my TMJ pain and immobility and pain from the tumor at my ear.  The portal is showing that the biopsy again was unsuccessful and only blood cells were obtained. 

Has anyone had two FNA biopsies and not been successful at retrieving cells. I don't understand how this can be other than that it is solid and it seems a needle would be able to get fluid better than something solid. I go back Thursday but have no idea what to expect and have to go alone due to Covid and it's 1.5 hrs away. I have been unwell for so long I don't know if I'll ever get answers and the Thyroid ENT says the other problems aren't related, the ear tumor ENT says that the facial pain and ear numbness are not related and it's all the right side and started one right after another.  Looking to see if anyone has any experience with biopsy troubles or similar issues. Thank you!