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35 year old female here.  For the past 2 years I have been experiencing episodes of tachy with my HR going up into the high 120's with minimal exertion (going up stairs, light housework). I have extreme sweating, espeically in warmer locations/outside I am dripping sweat. Just walking from the mailbox to the house, a mere 500 feet away leaves me dripping in sweat.I am now getting dizzy upon standing. I also have gastroparesis. I have expressed concerns that there is no answer why these things are going on. 


Well, in the past 30 days I have had weight loss of approximately 10 pounds,along with an increase in sweating at night that leaves my neck, chest, and hair damp- not soaking, but damp enough that I notice with pillow dampness.  No fevers, no discernible lumps/masses in my neck, groin, underarm area. What has been concerning to me is I have been having extreme itching, hives and angioedema- my lips will swell/puff up periodically. I also have been experiencing increase in headaches.  There is no known food/medication/new pet or possible new trigger introduced. I am also experiencing an increase in sinus and bilateral eye infections that is unusual for me. 

The following testing over the past  year has been completed and all tests are negative - CBC w/ diff completed 3 day ago,  ANA Autoimmune panel (ANA pos and dsDNA pos but dr felt the follow up testing did not point to auto immune), thyroid testing, 24 hour cardiac monitoring,  chest X ray, diabetes testing, basic metabolic profile, liver and kidney function tests. I have had consults with neurology for the headaches, full pulmo work up, echocardiogram, chest Xray one year ago, chest CT scan 2 years ago when the tachy started,  allergy/immunology for the hives/itching swelling with no further allergy tests or recommendations. 


A few Pubmed articles that I have read indicate that angioedema can in some rare instances be a sign ofa type of B cell  lymphoma.  Has anyone experienced this?  The only thing I can think of is a possiblity of a lymphome hidden somewhere deep in the body.  What should I pursue next in terms of testing and moving forward?  My dr has pretty much reiterated since all my basic labs are normal, there really is no medical cause for all of these things happeneing, or referrals to other specialties. I'm miffed. 


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    Sorry to read of your concern

    Is there any particular reason you should think "lymphoma"?

    A ten-pound weight loss in and of itself does not have the same significance if your initial weight is 200 or 100 lbs. You seem to have had pretty extensive medical testing already...

    Self-diagnosing is trickly - after all, medical professionals do need to study for several years before they can start diagnosing and treating patients.

    At this point, I would suggest for you to keep working with your GP, perhaps having a frank - and peaceful - conversation about your worries and asking him for his thoughts on your current health. There may be some easy-to-make adjustments to your fitness/eating/sleeping/stress management habits that could help you feel a lot better, fast.

    I hope this helps.