Recently Diagnosed with TC and Surgery - Next Treatment

My Results
Pathology - Mixed Tumor consisting of classical Seminoma 3.0 cm and focal embryo also cell carcinoma 1.2 cm. Very focal lymphovascular invasion.
CT Scan findings: Tiny 3 mm left upper lobe pulmonary nodule representing a small intrapulmonary lymph node.
AFP Tumor Marker = 3.6 ng/mL
hCG-B Tumor Marker = < 2.6

Staging says pT2


Hi all, 

Above is what my pathology report came back with. I've had the right radical orchiectomy. CT Scan came back clear. Can anyone please try to explain to me what the pT2 means, as I thought I was told Stage 2 but now I can't recall. With that, can anyone maybe forsee what kind of treatment i'll be getting? I meet next Tuesday with an oncologist and then the 28th with a radiation oncologist... They said because of the two kinds of cells I may need radiation and chemo? Is this a thing? Just trying to get my mind and body prepared for what's ahead, I was also said I could do survelliance but both of my uncles have had TC. So I'm not sure what the road is ahead of me, but would appreciate any advice or thoughts on what it could look like! I'll know more Tuesday, but the patience game with this cancer, is not a game I play well! 


Thanks haha


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    Sorry to hear that you too have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. I'm not sure what these numbers mean but my search turned up this page:

    11 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer that then spread up into the right side of my brain which caused me to have a Hemorrhagic Stroke. Then I was moved up to UCSF where I had several more rounds of chemo including 2 of my own bone marrow transplants, then 9 moths later I went back home to Santa Cruz. I never went into remission and I'm happy to be cancer free today. I made a website to share my story: