Lymphedema and Trach

Hi there, I am wondering if anyone has experienced lymphedema in your neck and face after having a trach placed? My dad had one placed about 1 week ago and has constant humidity running through and a few days ago began noticing facial and neck swelling (mostly after falling asleep). CT scan came back clear to rule out any further cancer spread. He is starting Keytruda next week and we are anxiously waiting for treatment to start. In the meantime, has anyone else experienced the extreme facial/neck swelling after a trach placement and any tips on how to relieve the swelling? 


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    I had a trach but the

    I had a trach but the lyphedema was due to radiation. It had nothing to do with the trach. I went to a licensed massage therapist that was certified in Head & Neck. Many aren't. My radiation onc ordered it and Anthem (Commercial at the time) paid for it. I did massage exercises based on the therapist. It is a VERY light touch. It eventually went away.  I also wore a Jovi pack and slept on two pillows to keep my head up higher while sleeping.

    See if his doctor can order.