It's the Not Knowing That's the Hardest Part...

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It's been just over a year since my thyroid removal.

My PTH Intact & TSH values have been stable, until now. I just got my blood tests back and my PTH, Intact values have gone up from 2.3 in Sept., to 4.1 pmol/L.

My TSH has also gone up from 0.34 in Sept., to 0.94 mlU/L. 

Does anyone know what this might mean?

I'm okay if this might mean bad news, but I'm feeling very scared/alone, and it's the not knowing that's getting to me right now. So, any responses would help.




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    Honestly I would be more

    Honestly I would be more concerned if the TSH went down, not up. If it went up then your body is "requesting" more thyroid hormone which could mean you are a bit low, where as if it was lower then that would be your body going "hey I have enough, don't make any more". Now I am no doctor but knowing the Thyroid cancer acts like the Thyroid I would assume if it was back you would be generating T3 and T4 from the cancer and so your body would ask for less. I don't think an increase of TSH is something to worry to much about, just may mean you need your hormones tweaked. Obviously your Endocrinologist would have told you if it was concerning or not so just try not to stress about it and just follow your doctor's plan, no point of stressing which can make you sick. have my second scan coming up soon, which I am kind of dreading but at the same time it can't come fast enough because I have been having some symptoms that are concerning specially since my first scan came back as suspicious  but not concerning enough for me to schedule an appointment early.