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Anyone have good ideas how to manage anger with the patient (spouse) who does not comply with the dietary and exercise components of treatment? He feels so much better when he does, but then gets lazy and suffers setback that could have been easily avoided. It's wearing me out because I feel like I'm married to a stubborn 12 year old boy sometimes. I try to feel more compassion but sometimes I just feel anger, then guilt about the anger, then depression over the guilt...


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    Hello Wife2016

    My friend has prostate cancer with Mets to the skeletal system. I have done alot for him, from research to making healthy meals to doing personal care. I gave him a notebook with healthy tips and to put info from doctors on. The minute I can't go over there he calls and cusses me out, texts me accusing me of stealing from him, even blaming me for nonsense things. So many times I have had it! But I still help him. Anger is directed at me but I have to ignore him sometimes. It helps me to just talk to you. Thank you.


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    Have you tried talking to a social worker or his Dr ? As a caregiver you need to step back and take time for you !!! So you can stay health !!!. My late husband was like yours ! I would so struggle with him .. I found that on my two hour drive to work I prayed and listened to KLove also talked to his late mother . When I got home he was different like someone had a conversation with him .. I found k love really helped me though those tough times that and taken three day weekends to the beach . When we left the driveway it was a big wt was lifted off us both . Their was no cancer we were our old health selves got recharged to face what came next !!! I found that he is having no control over his body and that is how they act out .. normal .. try and give him other way to control his life .. been in your shoes hope I’ve been able to help you .. main thing don’t live life for cancer treatments every day you need to live life stop Smell the roses make memories together and with others .. I also allowed my husband to have one splurge day I am foods he’s not allowed to eat in the rest of the time he would be good and I’ll allow him to have one day where he didn’t have to exercise he had control over that I found that helped also bottom line don’t let cancer control your life .. take you lives back !!!🌹