Fractured Sacrum from Radiation

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I endured radiation from October 2013 to December 2013, plus two weeks of chemo, for treatment of anal cancer.  And so far, I'm happy to report that I am 7 years NED this month.  But I just learned something that has me a bit thrown.  I had an MRI a few months ago and learned that I have a fractured sacrum.  Now I don't know if the radiation did this to me.  But I suspect it did.  I was told that I may need surgery but that is out of the question. I have no intention of seeing a bone doctor.  I'd rather continue on the path I have been on for years and that is integrative medicine.  I can walk just fine but I do have intermittant discomfort in my sacral area.  But it 's not every day.  The every day use of natural herb remedies really helps me.

The reason why I posted this message is to ask if anyone else has suffered a fracture from radiation treatment.  I feel so stupid that I didn't know about this topic earlier than this.  I don't remember the possibility of that being told to me when I first entered treatment.  But I did find out it seems to be a regular complaint that is well established in the literature.  I appreciate your feedback on this subject as I'm still learning (after 7 years).  Thanks, and best wishes for the holidays.  May everyone be safe.





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    I'm sorry this is happening...We suffer from osteoporosis  after radiation.  It's well documented and necessary to get dexiscans periodically.  I had a small fracture of sacrum within 5 years of surgery tho.  good luck!