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I had a scan this week on Thursday it was a CT scan with dye of the neck, chest, and belly areas.
Originally I thought it was just going to be a 6-month chest scan but while they are giving me the dye I am glad they scanned more areas to be sure.
A Nurse called yesterday, Friday and it was great news.

No cancer indications at all-YAY-Thank the Lord.
Everything looks clear showing no signs at all of any cancer or recurrence.

But there is a node on the liver less than 1/3 inch and a node on the one lung less than 1/5 inch which they are not worried about as I guess they do not indicate cancer or are not big enough yet.
At this point, I was told that they will be just watching them with a possible follow up scan in 3 months or so.
My sister had a node on her one lung years ago and they just watched it with a scan periodically and were not going to do anything unless it started growing.
So what a blessing and answered prayers.


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    That's awesome! Thank you for sharing this great news! 

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    That's great news Russ, so happy for you as it is well deserved. You are a positive constant on this site. Congrats and take care.

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    Thanks Guys

    For Your Congratulations and well wishes and joining with me and celebrating the good news-Take Care-God Bless-Russ

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    It was great reading your post, Congratulations on your report.  

    My Best to You and Everyone Here 

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    Happy Holidays Russ

    What awesome news on the Pet Scan. You are one mighty warrior. It is always great to hear positive news about our journeys. May the lord continue to bless you with good health in the years ahead. You are a true insparation to all of us in our daily battles. Have a wonderful Xmas and New Years.


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    Peaceful Holiday Season

    Wonderful glad you can rest easy during this holiday season.  Best wishes to you and your wife.

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    Wonderful  news!! Praising God with you!! You have helped my husband and I so much this past year, along with many others on the forum. So I’m cheering right along with you!! 

    Continued blessings to you and your family!

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    Wonderful news

    You have been through so much. This has to be a giant weight off of your shoulders. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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    to hear about the scan, Russ. Big Time congrats.

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    Thanks. Thanks, Thanks

    Thank you all so much for celebrating with me-Take Care-God Bless-