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I have a family member who claims to have stage 3 ovarian cancer but yet she says her doctors aren't doing surgery or chemo. That she is going to be on Zejula for 3 months for treatment. I really don't want to call her a liar but does this sound reasonable? I surely thought surgery and chemo would be the best treatment for stage 3.. and I also thought zejula is a maintenance drug not a first defense drug to treat the cancer.. My family member has a very good history of lying and I really hope she's not lying about this because of the seriousness of the cancer.. so please tell me what y'all think? 
and God bless all you ladies 


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    sandrak12, it is not unheard

    sandrak12, it is not unheard of doctors to treat with chemo first before and surgery later.  I don't think we can say if she is lying or not.

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    I believe that Zejula has been approved for front-line treatment. Perhaps the doctors are putting her on it as a means of stopping cancer cell repair during the homologous recombination process. If she or her tumor(s) are HR deficient then PARP Inhibitors are more efficient. 

    I took Zejula for only a month this year & side effects caused me to stop. I was already in remission from prior Chemo treatments. So my PARP was prescribed as a maintenance med, as my tumors were HR deficient.

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    I first had Chemo 12 at first, than I had Surgery and 3 more Chemo's.

    Zejula has a lot of side effects first I took 300 mg, and made me so tired. Than was on 200mg still made me tired my Platium was low. I got a message from my NP to stop this.

    I did after the fact, later that night I passed out it was also becuase of the Zejula. The paperwork that comes with this says this also.

    Now I just have Blood work CA125 which turned out good, I'm in remission. But I had a hemorrhage stroke.  But doing great now.  Thank God!!


    Good to luck to everyone in there care of Cancer...

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    Bonniekins and Sarads, thank

    Bonniekins and Sarads, thank you for sharing your experiences with Zejula.  What TV commercials show and what you have lived are very different and it is important that women hear from individuals like yourself.  

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    Make a decision soon

    Hi, Ladies

    i would love to hear about your experiences with Zejula. My doctor has suggested that I should consider taking it. I don't have my genetic testing results yet, but have no family history to make me believe I will be positive. I was diagnosed Stage 2, endometrioid Type 2, and Secondary peritoneal ( long story!), had optimum debunking surgery and just finished my 6th round of Paclitaxel/Carboplatin. I really don't want to take that drug! But I don't want to recur, either!