Stem cell booster


Well just returned from MD Anderson last week. The great news is we are 6 months out from Stem Cell and still NED. They gave me the rest of my stem cells to hopefully help my bone marrow decide to start working a little better.  My WBC and really everything has had problems since the stem cell transplant. They said should take 2-4 weeks before we see results.  Will be much nicer to head into the holiday season with a clear scan. Last year December 23 was the announcement that the Lymphoma had returned. Feeling pretty good and ready for a new year! Hope to get some time outside in the woods this next few days.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. 





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    Praying for you Sandy Ray! Enjoy your time outside worry free!

  • GGc0ok
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    Hi Sandy 

    Glad your feeling pretty good. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for that clear scan. 
    We all could use a new year without incident.  


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    Happy to hear!

    So glad that things are progressing well, Sandy.  Stay well and stay safe.

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    One blessed step at a time

    Great news! And the beauty of it is that as apocalyptic rocker Warren Zevon said, we can "enjoy every sandwich."