Carcinosarcoma Stage 2 & Lynparza


I'm new to CSN, so please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place.   This is my first post.

My name is Nora, I'm 71 years old.  In February at my routine mammagram I was diagnosed with Stage 1 IDC Breast Cancer.  Praise God it had not spead to lymph nodes.  I had a lympectomy.  Put on Hormone Replacement Therapy.   The surgeon was on vaca so surgery was scheduled a few weeks out.   

In the meantime I went to my GP for lower abdominal discomfort.    She felt a mass I had an untrasound and CT Scan.  My CA125 was less than 10 so they did not think it was cancerous and decided the breast surgery was the priority.   Long story short it was Stage 2 Carcinosarcoma.  Not related to the breast cancer.  They removed the mass, fallopian tubes, ovaries.  My uterus had been removed 40 years ago. The cancer had not spread to lymph nodes.   After I healed I was put on 6 treatments of Carboplatin paclitaxol  chemo, every 21 days.  The HRT for the breast cancer was stopped until after the chemo treatments.  I was blessed I had minimal side effects.  I did notice that I was confused and foggy more than normal.  I assumed this was what they call Chemo fog.  My last treatment was October 2nd.  I do have some neuropathy in my feet and minimal in hands.  I am praying that will go away in time.  I started back on Anastrozole HRT for the breast cancer.  My CA125 level went from 75 to 6 after the chemo and the CT Scan shows that it has not spread to any organs.  Thank you Jesus!

Anyway the plan all along was if my numbers were good we would try the "pill".  So now my Oncologist wants me to go on Lynparza because this is an agressive cancer.   She said I don't have to do the Lynparza the  other option is to do surveillance, monitor CA125 and do scans.  She could see how I am struggling with this decision and suggested I get a 2nd opinion.    I have an appt with Stanford next week.   I have been a wreck the last few weeks.  Anxiety, stress, not sleeping well.  I'm not sure if it trying to decide what to do or if it is from restarting the HRT.    I have had such a peace from the Lord since I was first diagnosed with the breast cancer, but I just don't have peace about this.  I turn it over to the Lord, but then my mind just keeps going over this and that.   I know God has a plan and I just want to feel that peace.  I'm sorry I'm rambling, but I'm not in a good place. 

Did you experience brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion after Chemo was completed?   How long did it last?

If you are on Lynparza can you tell me what your experience was/is with it?   

How long are or were you on it? 

 Is your immune system as compromised as much as when on chemo?  I haven't been out of the house except for doctors appointments in months.  I have become almost paranoid about washing all organic fruits and vegetables before eating.  I'm just not in a good place.

Any information you could give me about your experience with Lynparza and or Carcinosarcoma I would greatly appreciate.

God Bless You




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    2nd Opinion


    I'm so sorry to read about what you've had to deal with this year. One form of cancer is tough enough – two different ones at the same time is really a challenge. No wonder you're feeling such stress right now, especially with the pandemic impacting daily life.

    I have the uterine form of carcinosarcoma, diagnosed in 2016. You can read about my cancer experience by clicking on my user name.

    I didn't have "chemo brain" but I found the "second phase" of my chemo treatments very difficult to get through. I was not prescribed Lynparza, but I did have an aggressive front-line treatment with the four different chemo drugs and external radiation. Certainly a second opinion is always a good idea if you have any concerns or doubts about a recommended treatment.

    This board can be quiet at times, so you may also want to post your story on the Facebook page that is specifically for women with carcinosarcoma. I'm not on Facebook but I've been told that it's an active group.

    I hope that you can get the answers that you need to make a decision that you feel comfortable with.

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    tHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE.    I'm not very tech savvy but I will definitely check out the FB.    How are you doing?  


    God Bless You