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Hi Havent posted in awhile,actually forgot the log in password..oops I started on here when a traditional support group was not my fit.I started reading posts and would go farther and farther back in time reading posts and gaining a lot of knowledge.Its amazing what was going on in the world 10 years ago as these members were going through their journeys.As i read I would find some  that had experienced exactly what I was currently going through.these experiences were things a doctor could never really relay to you.The posts were the Good the Bad and the Ugly and not sugar coated.Something that was stressed time and time again was no two people have the same side effects/journey.I'm Blessed that my journey has consisited of very mild side effects,and except for my bald head no one would even know.I'vehad 4 spinal chemos and will complete my 6 th R-chop next Wednesday.I will have a PET scan in Dec. and would like to be NED.Whatever happens on that end I am Thankful for these posts on this site.


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    Glad to hear this

    There is certsinly a wealth ofexperience and information here. Of that, there can be no doubt. Thank you for checking back in, as we always wonder...