Stage 1 BC treatments

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Stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma with no lymp node involvememt. After mastectomy, chemo ( paxlitaxel and herceptine and hormon teatment  advised). Does anyone went through this much of treatment for a stage1 BC?


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    Treatments for BC

    Stage 1 BC, doesn't necessarily need a masectomy. Breast Cancers at at Stage 1 most often treated with a lumpectomy, radiation, chemotherapy/hormone therapy.  Sometimes depending on the subtype they recommended to have paxilitaxel and herceptin, especially if the person being treated is younger.  Oncologists often lean with more aggresive treatments in younger patients because their over all health is better and they have a better chance for better outcomes with this treatment plan. I'm guessing the subtype is Estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 positive? Here is a link to the NCCN guidelines for patients with invasive breast cancer. This is used by oncologists around the United States, this is a patient version to help better them better understand the coarse of treatment and why.



    Hope this is helpful!


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    Thank you very much Chelsey.

    Thank you very much Chelsey.

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    stage 1

    Had the lumpectomy for my stage 1 bc and getting ready to start radiation but was able to avoid chemo. It had to do hormones and subtypes, wish I

    could explain it better. I think mine was E+, P+ but HER2-.