Young child with melanoma

My daughter was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma  just months after turning 4 years old. She is now 8 years old and finished her CHEMO )yervoy) a year ago in December.  I lost my mom suddenly from an unexpected small cell lung cancer diagnosed after complications from pnamonia a couple years back. My mom was my go to for emotional support and after she passed in 2017 I have not had anyone who i felt i could Express my concerns to about my daughters condition. I am unsure if my mom was aware of her cancer but I feel she would not have wanted anyone to know or worry .. My daughter will be going for a P.E.T scan to follow up in this december I'm unsure what is to come but I know I will need support to mentaly prepare for the challenges that may lie ahead. It is verry typical for people to feel sympathy when in all reality that only makes it harder to open up. I crave positivity I am hoping to hear of strength and hope and more than anything courage. My daughter is older and she now understands the severity of her diagnoses. I'm not sure how or what to say to let her know it will be ok she does not like doctors or talking of her medical situation. Anyone Any mommas someone can relate????