2 lumps found same breast, different quadrants

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I am very recently diagnosed and Dr, sent me for MRI to help in preparation for surgery.  MRI came back with likely second lump found same breast, different quadrants.  Hoping to find someone with same situation (hoping for a false positive)  have not spoken to Dr. yet.  What was course of treatment?



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    3 clusters of lumps multicentric and multi focal

    Hi, i Had 3 lumps in one breast.  At an ultrasound the technician said I had very busy breasts.  I opted for a double mastectomy which was advised by the second opinion doctor (outside of my network).  I had instant reconstruction.  I woke up I had breasts the same size and it was my skin.  I followed up with radiation.   The doctors did not want me to do instant reconstruction because of possible radiation damage...I insisted...did everything I could to minimize damage...I have been through treatment for anal cancer...this was a day in the park compared to that.  You will be ok and this will be in the rear view mirror before you know it.  I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.  

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    4 Biopsies

    Don't stress! The Radiologist found 3 spots of concern between my 2 breasts. I got 2 biopsies on the right and 1 on the left. The MRI then showed another cloudy area for concern under the right breast.  So, A week later I had a 4th biopsy. What I ended up with is a 2cm tumor in the right breast and a lymph node nearly under my arm, with cancer.  The left breast was just thickening, as well as the underneath of my breast.  Praying for good news for you!

    i did genetic testing - I don't carry the cancer genes. I am halfway thru 6 rounds of chemo.  Will have a lumpectomy in Jan/Feb timeframe, followed by radiation 5 days/wk for 6 weeks.