Still around 9 year survivor MMMT


Good Morning Everyone, It has been awhile since I posted.  I was contacted by No Time for Cancer and she said I needed to post as some of the long timers were wondering if I was still around.  Yes I am still here.  It has been 9 years since my last chemo treatment Aug 22 2011 from Stage 3c1 Carcinoma sarcoma Uterine cancer after complete abdominal surgery with all parts removed 11 lymph nodes and the omentum.  Six chemo treatments of carbo/taxol and no radiation.  Great Dr.s went to UTSW in Dallas working collage/research hospital.  No sign of recurrence.  I still have annual check ups and blood test CA is 13, which has stayed around this level since last chemo.

Still working just since March because of the virus at home.  Now wear a mask eveywhere and carry hand sanitizer for when I am out.  I can remember wearing the mask in 2011 and everyone wondered why and youe would have to explain, I have cancer and going through treatment which lowers immune system cannot afford to get sick.  Now everyone is wearing them, except those that do not belive that there is a virius or it is not a big deal. Yes there are those out there. 

But I ams till here, praying for all the ladies here and for all the others going through the various types of cancer and treatments and all the others going through tough times with their battles of the virus and life in general.  Keep a positive attitude as it will get you through the really hard times as will believe in higher power. trish


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    Yay, so good to hear from you! I was diagnosed with carcinsosarcoma last fall and so I have read your old posts.  You are an inspiration to those of us beginning this journey.  Thank you for sharing your story.

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    Thanks for checking in

    I was glad to read from NoTime that you were doing well, but even happier that you've checked back in with us! I've thought of you often since I joined the board. Just knowing that there was someone with this rare cancer who was thriving long-term gave me hope that I might achieve remission too. Thanks for the update.

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    Hello!   Thanks for checking

    Hello!   Thanks for checking in!  Glad to hear from you!


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    Thank you , Trisha!!

    Thanks so much for checking back in!  It means so much to us as we try to see each year as a victory and not as one step closer to recurrence.  Thank you!!

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    Love you Trish! So glad to

    Love you Trish! So glad to see your wonderful tattoo pop up! Smile

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    That is wonderful! It's so

    That is wonderful! It's so good to see positive news on here!! 



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    Thank you for your update.  I

    Thank you for your update.  I am just starting my MMMT journey and your story is inspiring.



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    You have done so much good on this board. Thank you.