Not giving up!!

Ive just booked an appt with my GP, to discus some repurposed drugs I've found.

LDN, dipyridamole and disulfiram. I hope he will prescribe it to me. Already on the COC protocol.

I refuse to give up. I have so much to live for still. All 3 children are still living at home. I need to stickl around for them as long as possible. I-m taking so many supplements too. C vit liposomal among many others. It give me back some of the power..

So.. GAME ON, stupid UPSC:!!!!! :)


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    You go girl

    So good to hear from you Fluff.   You seem to be in such good health otherwise that it seems to fight it is a good choice.   I don't know the medication, but I hope your GP prescribes it.  I remember someone saying they took anti inflammatories too.  Cancer cells use the process of inflammation to access our blood and lymph supply so it seems logical to prevent that process.  Of course it is something else you would need to ask your GP about.  You are in my prayers every night.

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    HUGS FLUFF!!!  

    HUGS FLUFF!!!  

  • ConnieSW
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    I can feel your strength and determination through your words.  I am so proud of you.

  • Yeo
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    Great Attitude!

    You rock and things always change.  Sending prayers and positive energy to you.

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    wow that is inspiring, can

    wow that is inspiring, can you please let us know what your doctor says about the drugs and if you get them presccribed? very interesting, keep fighting, you do have a lot to live for.

  • Donna Faye
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    Warrior heart

    Fluff, your name does not match that warrior heart I see! I went back and read your About Me page and some recent posts. You have been fighting with all you have and that will help your treatment. I truly believe that the heart and mind have as much to do with the battle as the meds and with your fighting spirit, your meds will do their best. I discussed the HIPEC with my onc, but at 80, not a good fit. Keep researching and pushing the docs to do their best for you. I am going to call you Woman who Stands and Fights! Hugs,df

  • BluebirdOne
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    Thank you for coming back to update us. We are so rooting for you and your family. Please know that I am thinking about you and hoping for the best! 



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    That a Girl!   Sending you

    That a Girl!   Sending you Hugs!


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    Go Girl!

    I love your attitude! You have to keep fighting and hopefully you will find what works! Sending hugs and prayers your way!

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    Wishing you the best!

    Hugs and prayers that you get the drugs and they work for you!


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    You go Flufff!

    Mental attitude is powerful!
    Thinking of you :)

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    That's awesome! I read your

    That's awesome! I read your other post the other day and I was genuinly thinking of you. :) 

    Wish you the best! 

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    Atta Girl! I love your

    Atta Girl! I love your attitude.

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    You Go, Fluff!

    Determination is powerful!  I firmly believe in research and advocating for yourself.  I've had to do it constantly since treatment began, and it has paid off (although it's exhausting.)  Hugs!