Head cap for chemo

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Has anyone tried the head cooling caps, worn during chemo treatments, to help keep your hair? Any luck with the cap, or other tricks?


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    I’m using the Cold Cap

    I'm currently using it during my TCHP therapy.  Not to discourage you, but to give REAL feedback from my personal experience.

    It adds a lot of work/effort/time to your chemo days.  During my second treatment the machine got clogged, the nurse didn't know what she was doing and it was ineffective.  So, it only works as good as the people who are doing it for you. I am halfway thru chemo and have lost 2/3 of my hair because of the nurse not knowing what she was doing.   Your scalp hurts really bad some days and you cannot wash your hair but 1-2 times a week.  If you're going to do it, I would suggest cutting your hair in a bob or at least a few inches above your shoulders first.

    Your hair is going to look like garbage the whole time.  You cannot put product in it, blow dry it, flat iron or curl it, or put any clips or ponytail holders in it.

    I honestly don't know if I'd do it again, knowing what I know now.

    It has caused me a lot of stress: I had to pay extra for urgent shipping to make sure I got my supplies in time, my chemo schedule had to be based on days that other patients weren't already signed up for the machine, I was/am worried the nurses won't know what they are doing and I am suffering the consequences of one NOT doing it right, you have to buy a prepaid card for each session and I worried about what if my prepaid card didn't/doesn't work right......

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    I hate that for you!

    I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I'm NO expert, but from what I've read, that ONE incidence of not cooling is why you've lost that much hair. I can't even imagine your frustration and upset and feelings of hopelessness during that time. From what I know just one infusion of taxol can cause complete hair loss. 
    I'm going to try to use the "wishcaps" which is kind of like a beanie, instead of a huge operation like the Penguin caps which require a helper. 
    You look to be a lot younger than I am! I'm 65, so don't need to wash my hair too much, and it's already shoulder length. And with this stupid virus out there I wasn't planning on going out much during treatment months anyway, I kind of decided that having continuous bad hair days....no styling, no hairspray, no curling iron...just being at home would be OK if it means I don't have to wait 3 years for my hair to be in the fabulous shape it is today. I'm lucky to have great hair....good genes, I guess!...that even if I lost half of it I'd still have more hair than my friends. Fingers crossed.
    I hope things go well for you.