High Thyroglobulin Levels

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I had a total thyroidecetomy in May 2020 followed by RAI in September 2020. At the time of my diagnosis by thyroglobulin level was at 47.2. In August my thyroblobulin level went down to 14.7. Four weeks after my RAI treatment my thyroglobulin level tested at 317.57. My surgeon told me that levels go up after treatment due to the injections they give you before RAI. I feel like this is a very high number. Has anyone experienced much higher thyroglobulin levels after RAI?


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    Hi there. I went through the

    Hi there. I went through the same and also a cancerous lymph node removed in a later surgery. My ENT keeps my thyroglobulin very low ~ 0.5. It has NEVER been higher then 2.

    hope this helps..