Starting radiation soon seeking advice

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My fiancé was diagnosed with stage 2 tongue cancer she has a pre existing conditio, fanconi anemia that puts her more at risk of infection and cancers she is currently 24 and has had a 3/4 of her tongue removed her surgery was rough on her because her tongue began to clot so she had to go into surgery 3 times she is now about 4 weeks post op and is recovering slowly but definitely a lot better than before she can talk and drink liquids but the doctor suggests not eating until her tongue is fully healed so she is connected to a g tube and only gets nurtition through liquids she has good and bad days but like I said has gotten a lot better we are starting radiation next week and are scared out of our minds the doctors downplayed the surgery made it seem like it would be easy and recovery time would be about 2 weeks and we ended up 1 month in hospital and another in rehab since the surgery was tough on her we are wary on what to believe when the doctors tell us about radiation, they say that it's only gonna be on the tongue and neck area 30 sessions 5times during a 6 week period we should be home by thanksgiving we really just want to hear from your experiences how did you handle radiation? any young survivors out there? what can we expect! anyone out there with fanconi anemia with similar cases? anything helps! 

PS anytype of support is greatly appreciated we are very new to this but she has a fighting spirit!