Scanxiety part VII.2: bloodwork

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So had some bloodwork. Solitary kidney working top notch. Nephrologist asked me to drop at least 10 pounds so my cholesterol and other stuff comes down. Not a big. I'm happy that the other guy's doing its job!

The funny: I hate needles. I hate having blood drawn, and I hate everything related to needles. Not a phobia, as it's not that bad. I just hate the sensation. So I go to the lab, try to make some light out of it with the person. Tell her I hate needles.

"So I take it you don't have any tatoos. Right?"

She had me read like an old book. Tongue Out

Still, glad that the CT came back well and the bloodwork too.

To all of you new and struggling: be hopeful. Be positive. I know it's hard, but this thing's not stronger than us.

Now to drop some weight. Yell


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    Congrats on NED and good

    Congrats on NED and good bloodwork,

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    Great news.  Regarding the

    Great news.  Regarding the needles, they don't bother me (much) but I do jokingly threaten great bodily harm if they use any kind of adhesive on my arm (like a bandaid).  As can be seen on my profile pic, I got no hair on my head because it all went to my arms and legs.  And peeling adhesive off them makes me just a tad cranky.

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    I hear ya...

    Boy, when they put in that needle for surgery. That was the worst. Even though the lady was real gentle and soothing.

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    Congratulations for being Ned. 

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    Keep it going!